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Entrepreneur, Designer, Entertainer & Blogger
I... things that are yet to be imagined. motivated by the freedom of creativity with code.
...create apps, games, user-experiences & websites. always anxious to learn new things.
...was born in Poland and currently reside in California.
...want to alter the universe. also a dancer.
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Form can be used to get in touch with me directly. This is place holder text as I don't know what else to put here right now.

Inspiration to create this website was obtained after years of exploring the endless creative possibilities of code. The findings led to a conclusion that the only limiting factor with software development is imagination. This sparked motivation to create an eccentric online portfolio which would feature an aesthetically pleasing design, coding style and user experience.

This website is constantly being updated with new ideas and technologies. All the updates can be seen in the change log.

Change Log

2017.02.16 - v0.3

  • Information section updated with new software and copy.
  • Updated 'About' section.
  • Removed lots of unused functions.
  • Scrollbars for website info are completed.

2016.03.11 - v0.2.1

  • Removed all issues with website info scrollbars.

2016.03.01 - v0.2

  • Completed functionality for website info section.
  • Edited About section.
  • Removed inline styles from website information container.

2015.10.14 - v0.12

  • Removed all CDNs.

2015.05.10 - v0.11.3

  • Added the Software used section with links.
  • Added scrollbars (issues).

2015.05.08 - v0.11.2

  • Change log has been formatted to fit most devices.

2015.05.04 - v0.11.1

  • Added close button to the info modal.

2015.05.01 - v0.11

  • Website was released in alpha form.
  • Card flip has been perfected across all devices.
  • Contact form has been completed and functions as desired.